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Free Test Shipping

For customs conscious clients, those who hesitate whether our shipments will make it through customs and may be even first time orders from overseas we offer to try our FREE TEST SHIPPING order.

In this order we will ship you absolutely neutral substances like vitamin B amps/aspirin tabs/creatine powder. You do not risk anything. You do not have to sign for the package.

Even if your customs stops the package it will find nothing illegal there.When you get the package you will see how thorough and discreetly it is packed and how safe it is to order from us.Just send us e-mail message and request FREE TEST SHIPPING order.

If you are planning to order only amps. only tabs or only powders - we can customize the FREE TEST SHIPPING package for you.Just write us what types of gear you would like us to send out.
As you see, this test is free for you however we would appreciate if you compensate
us the shipping cost of $30 with your first actual order in case you like our service and decide to place order with us after FREE TEST SHIPPING is a success.
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